Token rainbow? No, thanks

(Cover essay for The Week‘s special section 377 verdict issue.) I AM GRATEFUL that our honourable Supreme Court judges fulfilled their promise to India’s queer citizens, albeit a long 71 years after independence. The euphoria that followed has also been interesting to watch. I am happy to see the spectrum of people who have spoken out […]

Posted on: 23-09-2018
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The SC judgment on Section 377 opens the doors for further legal victories

(This was written in the Hindustan Times as an op-ed). At the Constitution Club in Delhi on July 7, the weekend before the five-member Supreme Court (SC) bench began its deliberations on Section 377, the mood was sombre. All of us gathered there — lawyers, activists, academics, representatives of NGOs and the corporate world — […]

Posted on: 22-09-2018
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6 September a day to remember for LGBTQ community

(This was an oped I wrote in Mint.) The end of section 377 is the culmination of a long struggle that activists, lawyers, academics, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the corporate world have been engaged in since the 1990s. After the initial relief of seeing the five concurring opinions of the bench, the language of the […]

Posted on: 07-09-2018
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My Harvard Kennedy School learning journey

“Only connect,” EM Forster wrote in 1910. “Live in fragments no longer.” Those of you who have been following my blog regularly will know that my life is nothing but a quest for knowledge and connection and the way that both of these are being pursued in today’s world are through hybrid mash-ups of the […]

Posted on: 17-12-2015
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Coming out – at work and at home

Last month, at a packed event at our Culture Lab, my dear friend Radhika Piramal spoke to an enraptured audience about her journey of coming out of the closet. It was a moment of great pride for me and I wiped away tears from my eyes while listening to Radhika’s narrative of coming out, first […]

Posted on: 14-11-2015
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Breaking Stereotypes

“Kiss ko pyaar karoon, kaise pyaar karoon, tub hi hai, yeh bhi hai, woh bhi hai….hai!” A gold sequined Shammi Kapoor lookalike burst on the stage with a bang and thus began Tape – India’s first drag king show. Funny, poignant, cool and above all celebratory, this was fierce and unapologetic theatre, written and directed […]

Posted on: 17-10-2015
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