The Indian Queer Movement post 377 – some thoughts during Pride Month 2020

Just a few months ago, who would have imagined that we would be entering June 2020, which is considered to be Pride Month globally, in this way? Now, as I write this in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic in Mumbai, each day brings a new set of troubling news – either about the […]

Posted on: 02-06-2020
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One year since the trans inclusion manifesto

(This post originally appeared on the Godrej India Culture Lab blog on 18 December, 2019) Before the Manifesto, our Lab – for the past eight years – had been circling around various issues within the queer community. I happen to be gay and a part of the movement in so many ways, and over the […]

Posted on: 28-12-2019
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Foreword: New Global Champions: Why fast growing companies from emerging markets are are embracing LGBT+ inclusion

This is the foreword I wrote to the important report by Open for Business and BCG that was released at FICCI Delhi on November 18, 2019. Please download the entire report from the Open for Business website. There is a growing body of evidence that shows diverse and inclusive societies foster an environment that enables […]

Posted on: 18-11-2019
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This ‘Equal’ Needs Some Sequels

(An op-ed piece for Mid-day) On September 6, 2018, the Supreme Court of India ruled that the application of Section 377 to consensual sexual acts between adults was unconstitutional, ‘irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary’. Just like that, I was no longer a criminal. I remember two feelings, both of these far apart on the emotional […]

Posted on: 06-09-2019
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My last year as a TED Fellow – notes from TED 2019

I became a TED fellow in 2009, and it felt very poignant that as the programme was celebrating its 10th anniversary, I was also completing the last year of the TED senior Fellowship. It was an interesting time back then – I had just written my book Gay Bombay and I had become a Fellow […]

Posted on: 20-06-2019
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Token rainbow? No, thanks

(Cover essay for The Week‘s special section 377 verdict issue.) I AM GRATEFUL that our honourable Supreme Court judges fulfilled their promise to India’s queer citizens, albeit a long 71 years after independence. The euphoria that followed has also been interesting to watch. I am happy to see the spectrum of people who have spoken out […]

Posted on: 23-09-2018
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