Talks & events

As the head of the Godrej India Culture Lab, I often moderate our discussions with visiting academics, authors and filmmakers. In addition, I occasionally give talks and participate in conversations about different aspects of contemporary India at different forums within and outside India. Here are some of the events I have participated in.

  • Saturday 26th March 2011

    Curating the New Culture

    Panel Discussion, Unbox Festival, New Delhi. 

  • Tuesday 1st March 2011

    Many Cultures, One Country: Perspectives on Multiculturalism from Across the World

    Panel Moderator, Asia Society ‘Asian Affairs’ Series, Mumbai. 

  • Thursday 10th February 2011

    The Idea of Fashion

    Panel Discussion, Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi. 

  • Friday 18th June 2010

    Eye on India

    Keynote, X Media Lab: Global Media Ideas, Sydney. 

  • Friday 22nd May 2009

    How I Get Ideas

    Keynote, X Media Lab, Auckland. 

  • Monday 20th October 2008

    Swedish Style in Mumbai: Brand X Project

    Keynote Presentation, Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm. 

  • Saturday 7th June 2008

    India Rising

    Panel Discussion, Next Media: The Future of Digital Content, Banff, Canada. 

  • Wednesday 3rd May 2006

    Politics of Sexuality in Contemporary India

    Panel Presentation, MIT Program in Women's Studies, Cambridge MA. 

  • Wednesday 21st September 2005

    Queering South Asia

    Public lecture, Fourth Buffalo Gender Week, University at Buffalo – The State University of New York.