Talks & events

As the head of the Godrej India Culture Lab, I often moderate our discussions with visiting academics, authors and filmmakers. In addition, I occasionally give talks and participate in conversations about different aspects of contemporary India at different forums within and outside India. Here are some of the events I have participated in.

  • Saturday 1st February 2014

    UN Young Changemakers Conclave 2014

    A special talk at the UN Young Changemakers Conclave 2014, on how corporations can serve as change agents. 

  • Friday 23rd August 2013

    Runway-Wardrobe-Street: Friday Funda at Lakmé Fashion Week

    A special conversation at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2013 with fashion insiders including Bandana Tewari from Vogue magazine, on how fashion translates across different media.  

  • Monday 5th August 2013

    Conversation with Aamir Khan: Ideas that make life brighter

    A freewheeling conversation with Bollywood superstar, producer, TV phenomenon, change agent and Godrej brand ambassador Aamir Khan, about innovation, sustainability and creating a better world. 

  • Thursday 25th July 2013

    Moonriver Salon: Connecting the Dots

    A special talk at Moonriver Delhi, on unexpected sources of knowledge in today's age. 

  • Saturday 22nd June 2013

    Understanding Gay Bombay

    Lecture, India Ki Khoj, IIT Gandhinagar. 

  • Saturday 20th April 2013

    Artworld Powwow | Art and the Mumbai Development Agenda 2014-2054

    Panel Discussion, organized by the Mohile Parikh Center, Mumbai.

  • Monday 25th March 2013

    Indian Textiles: Revive, Ramp and Retail

    Panel Discussion Moderator, Lakme Fashion Week Textile Day, Mumbai. 

  • Sunday 10th February 2013

    Generating Cultural ROI

    Closing seminar address at the Unbox Festival, New Delhi. 

  • Sunday 4th November 2012

    Gaysia – Adventures in the Queer East

    Panel Discussion at Literature Live, Mumbai. 

  • Saturday 27th October 2012

    Otherwoods: Nolly, Ghana and Bolly

    Panel Discussion, Impakt Festival, Utrecht. 

  • Friday 26th October 2012

    News in a Multipolar World

    Symposium, Impakt Festival, Utrecht. 

  • Thursday 25th October 2012

    Complicating the Western. Gay Bombay and Beyond

    Public lecture, Impakt Festival, Utrecht.