Talks & events

As the head of the Godrej India Culture Lab, I often moderate our discussions with visiting academics, authors and filmmakers. In addition, I occasionally give talks and participate in conversations about different aspects of contemporary India at different forums within and outside India. Here are some of the events I have participated in.

  • Saturday 27th October 2012

    Otherwoods: Nolly, Ghana and Bolly

    Panel Discussion, Impakt Festival, Utrecht. 

  • Friday 26th October 2012

    News in a Multipolar World

    Symposium, Impakt Festival, Utrecht. 

  • Thursday 25th October 2012

    Complicating the Western. Gay Bombay and Beyond

    Public lecture, Impakt Festival, Utrecht. 

  • Wednesday 24th October 2012

    Connecting Dots and Breaking Silos: Unexpected Sources of Knowledge

    Masterclass, Centre for the Humanities and the Department of Media & Culture Studies, Utrecht University, Utrecht. 

  • Wednesday 3rd October 2012

    Silos: Build or Bust

    Panel Discussion at Influencercon Mumbai

  • Saturday 28th January 2012

    You don’t have to be a millionaire to collect art

    Panel Discussion, India Art Fair 2012, New Delhi. 

  • Tuesday 6th December 2011

    Digital Natives With a Cause?

    Thinkathon participation on the invitation of Hivos and the Center for Internet and Society, India, at The Hague, in the Netherlands.

  • Wednesday 30th November 2011

    LBGT in Corporate India - a Case for Inclusion

    Presentation, NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2011, Bangalore. 

  • Saturday 26th November 2011

    Crisis and Culture: Does Creativity Thrive on Turmoil?

    Panel Discussion, Names Not Numbers Mumbai

  • Thursday 10th November 2011

    Cities and the future of entertainment

    Presentation, MIT Communications Forum, Cambridge, MA. 

  • Tuesday 8th November 2011

    Flying High Like a Disco Jalebi: Gay Bombay and Beyond

    Talk and book reading at George Washington University, Washington DC. 

  • Wednesday 26th October 2011

    From Black Swans to Purple cows and Everything in Between

    Panel Discussion, Nokia World, London.